cartells anglesThe European yew tree and its ecosystem, which have been declared to be of community interest, have a first-class environmental, cultural and therapeutic value. Therefore, it is essential to propose effective preservation measures particularly in the context of global change and in areas that are especially vulnerable, such as the Mediterranean region.

Due to their unique nature, yew forests serve conservation science as a focus for effectively communicating the values of biological diversity, their link to culture and society and the need for their preservation.

The previous editions of the Yew Workshop, held in Alcoi (2006), Olot (2008) and Ponferrada (2010) were special occasions to share the latest knowledge about yew trees and yew forests and preservation measures. The possibility of periodically bringing together experts in the different areas of the subject allows for an unquestionable advance in the improvement of management that we should not pass over.

Thanks to the European Life Taxus project, there is once again the possibility of bringing together experts from different countries for a necessary exchange of information, interests and experiences. Focused on the new preservation challenges, we would like to advance in the knowledge, dissemination and preservation of yew forests as a unique ecosystem. This workshop proposal is open to people that for different reasons are interested in the subject

We are convinced that the subjects of this 4th International Yew and Yew Grove Workshop will constitute a firm commitment to exchange knowledge and to participate in interesting debates, accompanied by an offer of complimentary activities, all within the magnificent setting of Paratge Natural d’Interès Nacional de Poblet.